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A very large apology to the person that sent me this - my computer crashed and the email was deleted, so I was not able to thank this person, but the joke is so good I remembered it.

Two people go to a marriage guidance counsellor.  He tries to work with them, but they absolutely refuse to talk about anything in front of each other.  The counsellor gets fed up, gets his bass out and starts playing it. The couple get angry at him for wasting their time, then they start shouting at each other, and pretty soon a lot of their problems are out in the open.  The counsellor can then get them to address these issues.  At the end of the session, the couple thank him for a stunningly good session, and ask “So where does the bass come in?”  “Ah”, says the counsellor, “people always talk during a bass solo.

A lot of people come to my web site looking for jokes about bass solos. There are not many here, but I think they are good ones.