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The band was just leaving the stage after a particularly successful gig. The crowd were screaming "more" and pressing up to the stage. The singer dived into the crowd and was caught by half a dozen beautiful women, who started to fight over him. The guitarist was walking down the stairs when this gorgeous looking girl dragged him into a quiet corner, held him down and started to kiss him all over. The drummer was followed into the dressing room - I didn't see who by, but the sound they made was loud and rhythmic. The bass player walked down the steps, crossed over to where a girl was sitting. He said "Hello - I'm the bass player." She said "Hi - I must be going. I need to wash my hair tonight."

I was having a lesson with a bass instructor. She told me that most guys play bass with a pick - she reckoned that this was because they learn the wrist action naturally during adolescence. I noticed that she played fingerstyle. I asked "Did you learn that finger action during adolescence?" She nodded sheepishly.